Update a preprint on GitData Archive

By submitting a preprint to GitData Archive, you implicitly consent to adhere to our terms.

Required information are marked by (*).

Step 1: Process and Download Previous Version(s)

Before updating an existing preprint on GitData Archive, you need to specify the preprint you intend to update. Please enter the URL of the preprint you wish to update in the field below.

Step 2: Gather New Version's Metadata

1. Title (30 words maximum)*:

2. Author(s)*:

If there is only 1 author, please follow the format:
Last name, First name, ORCID

- If the ORCID is known, type the correct ORCID:
 Einstein, Albert, 0000-0000-0000-0000

- If the ORCID is unknown, simply type NA there:
 Mendeleev, Dmitri, NA
If there are multiple authors, please follow the format:
Last name 1, First name 1, ORCID
Last name 2, First name 2, ORCID
Last name 3, First name 3, ORCID

- If the ORCID is known, type the correct ORCID:
 Einstein, Albert, 0000-0000-0000-0000
 Newton, Isaac, 1111-1111-1111-1111
 Darwin, Charles, 2222-2222-2222-2222

- If the ORCID is unknown, simply type NA there:
 Einstein, Albert, 0000-0000-0000-0000
 Mendeleev, Dmitri, NA
 Newton, Isaac, 1111-1111-1111-1111

Click the following button to see if the author information is correct.

3. Abstract (300 words maximum)*:

If you want to include math notations in the abstract, please wrap them with "\$ \$" or "\$\$ \$\$". Moreover, if you want to include dollar sign (\$) in the abstract, please type "\\$" here.

Typing "\$y = \frac{1}{x}\$" here in the abstract will lead to $y = \frac{1}{x}$ when it is published. Typing "\\$ 200" here in the abstract will lead to "\$ 200" when it is published.

4. Subject*:

For more information about subjects, please refer to about page.

5. Keywords (3 keywords minimum, 8 keywords maximum)*:

Keyword 1*:

Keyword 2*:

Keyword 3*:

Keyword 4:

Keyword 5:

Keyword 6:

Keyword 7:

Keyword 8:

6. Related Publishment (optional):

If this work has been published on a journal or book, please indicate.

Journal / Book name:

DOI / Official URL:

7. Related Link (optional):

If this work is related to a multimedia material (e.g. code, video, showcase website), please indicate the URL:

8. Comment (optional):

Leave a short comment on your preprint information page (20 words maximum).

9. License*:

For more information about licenses, please refer to Creative Commons.

10. Process PDF*:

Before publishing your work as a preprint, your PDF must be processed - adding metadata you provided above. Please select your PDF from your device.

11. Submit Metadata and Save Processed PDF*:

Upon submitting metadata, the HTML code will be generated and the processed PDF will be downloaded. Make sure the PDF file name is v.pdf.

Please proceed to step 2 after submitting metadata.

Step 3: Get the HTML

HTML Code Should be Shown Below. If you find any incorrect information, please go back to corresponding sections in step 2 and correct them. Remember to submit metadata after modification. Once you download the HTML file, make sure the name is index.html.


Step 4: Submit HTML and PDF to the Preprint Server

1. Go back to Step 3: Get the HTML. Click on "Download HTML". Make sure the metadata are correct before download.

guide image 1

2. Unzip the zip file you downloaded from Step 1: Process and Download Previous Version(s). There should have html file(s), named from v1.html to v.html.

3. In your browser, navigate to https://github.com/GitData-GA/archive/tree/main//

4. Click on "Add file", then select "Upload files".

guide image 2

5. Upload all the following files to Github. After they are successfully uploaded, click on "Commit changes" at the bottom left.

  • index.html
  • v1.html to v.html
  • v.pdf

guide image 6

6. You are all set! You should be able to see your updated preprint in around 30 minutes using the original url.